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Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing keeps an eye on your budget, strategy and resources, making sure your business thrives for success.

RPO by OC Prod Group services

We connect you to a network of top notch candidates, without increasing your human or financial internal resources.

Definition of the<br />recruitment strategy

Definition of the
recruitment strategy

In our view, the best recruitment strategy, to attract top talent, is a custom - tailored one. Having a clear-cut hiring plan improves both budget and time efficiency.

Communicating your job<br />offer & CV calibration

Communicating your job
offer & CV calibration

We build our clients’ employment brand to attract, engage and retain the suitable candidates.

Sourcing, identification &<br />selection of qualified profiles

Sourcing, identification &
selection of qualified profiles

By customizing each step of the recruitment process, we successfully source and deliver hard-to-fill positions.

Interviewing & assessing<br />suitable candidates

Interviewing & assessing
suitable candidates

Our experienced team has the agility to profile temporary, contract and permanent positions, for both technical and non-technical positions.

Successful employee integration

Successful employee integration

We make sure that the candidates have the potential to get united to the organisation and not just with the job.

Integrate client recruiters in RPO team

Integrate client recruiters in RPO team

We work closely with our clients, and design together strategies to find candidates who have greater potential to grow with the company.

 Proven experience, gained by our presence in 5 countries

Proven experience, gained by our presence in 5 countries

RPO results from OC Prod Group consulting experience of more than 17 years, thus our expertise is aligned to the highest standards and expectations of the market. Our objective is to keep an eye on your budget, strategy and resources, making sure your business thrives for success.

We engage in offering customised solutions to every client and we pride ourselves on having the best recruiting experts.

Using tailored talent acquisition methods, we ensure delivery of those candidates that have the potential to help your company meet its objectives.

Our RPO manager

Communicative by nature, I love to work with people, to help them develop and make an impact.

This is why I am very happy with my career in an industry that is about connecting with great people, understanding their skills and aspirations and finding new ways to introduce them to all the opportunities.

As a human resources professional, I believe that the main value in an organization is the ability to attract and retain the right people, to inspire the feeling that they are part of a family and that their opinion matters. This is why, as a RPO Manager, I do my best to build a strong bond between our team, candidates and clients.

Ramona Radulescu

RPO Manager

Ramona Radulescu

<p>Start to attract Top Talent with RPO!</p>

Talent Strategy

Start to attract Top Talent with RPO!

Not just another RPO company

We are your trusty Partner ready to accelerate the recruitment process for you!

If you want to recruit efficiently, without increasing the fixed costs of your business, then RPO is the suitable solution for you. Our services fit companies who need to boost their HR department, as well as companies that decide to completely outsource the hiring process.

Our recruitment process

  1. Definition of the recruitment strategy
  2. Definition of the performance criteria
  3. Assessment sessions with all hiring managers
  4. Integrate client recruiters in RPO team
  5. Deliver the suitable volume of qualified profiles

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